Mi and Simas story

Simas and Mi have dreamed of Iceland for a long time, so they decided to make their engagement photoshoot in this wonderful and mysterious country full of magic. I always choose the routes for my couples very carefully, asking my clients about their likes and dislikes, exploring their mood and ideas that they want to realize. 

We started the day in the morning in their rented house in Vic. We discussed in detail final touches to the planned route. And around 10 am we were ready and started shooting the preparations in the house.

An hour later we left their house and headed to the car. The first place where we took pictures outside was right in the middle of the road, symbolizing the idea that it’s not the path we choose matters, but what leads and motivates us from inside to choose our path. Is it our mind, soul, maybe faith in destiny or something else? 

Perhaps Iceland is the right country to have this deep thoughts. Even during funny and entertaining engagement photoshoot. The couple completely relaxed enjoying the moment and started to give me their true emotions.

I can say it was a really good start. 

Our next stop was the legendary Black Beach. Simas and Mi rented a house particularly near this place so that we could enjoy this sight for a little bit longer. When you are alone with this astonishing and indescribable nature, where immense wall of rocks, lava sand and peals of ocean waves meet each other it’s an amazing feeling. Only you and your love. Nothing else. You feel each other closer than ever in harmony with nature. Every word and touch give you goosebumps. And the result that you can see in the pictures from this engagement photoshoot speaks louder than any words. With such landscapes you’re able to spend here all day, but nevertheless we had to strictly follow the schedule and drive further.




After all we had a rather long journey ahead. 200 kilometers to the largest glacier lagoon Jökulsarlon. Inside there are lots of huge blue ice floes and icebergs slowly melting and sparkling on the sun. And some of this giants already turned into small pieces of ice as they were floating towards the ocean from the Vatnajökull glacier. 

There are lots of natural sculptures up there. Some of them are small, some are bigger and there are real giants - and they all are mixing with each other in this kind of pure raw prehistoric dance making this lagoon alive. All this beauty literally can blow you away. The lagoon, reflections of the sun from the water, icebergs and the glacier make the pictures from this engagement photoshoot in Iceland unforgettable. 

Here you can see more pictures from Simas and Mi engagement photo shooting in Iceland.