Here you can find frequently asked questions and answers about wedding and elopement shooting in Iceland and some FAQs about how to travel in Iceland


What is the best time of the year to make shooting in Iceland?

Iceland situated close to Arctic Circle so there are long nights in winter and long days in summer. So, if you want to see more in less days its better to come in the summer. Anyway you have to worry about warm clothes, because the weather in Iceland changes very often.

Do we have to book you in advance for our shooting?

Usually couples book me in 1-1,5 years before the date of the wedding. But of course you have a chance to book me even in 1-2 days before the shooting. Just write me to check the availability.

How to book the date?

After checking the availability we set Skype conversation to discuss some details and, after signing the contract, the date will be fixed for you.

Are you working alone or with the assistant?

I have an opportunity to work with the assistant.

Are you shooting only in Iceland?

As destination photographer I shoot weddings in multiple countries, such as Germany, Poland, France, Italy and Norway.

What does the wedding cost includes and if there any hidden or additional fees?

You can see the prices in packages list. Usually the price for overnight stay and transportation can be added as additional fee.

If there any limit on number of photos you provide after the shooting?

No, I will give you all best pictures processed both in color and black&white copies.

How can we get our photos afterwards?

I will upload the pictures to any cloud service and give you the link to the gallery page under password on my web site.

Can you recommend some places to make shooting?

Of course I can help you in planing the route for the shooting and your further trip.

Is the same-sex marriage legal in Iceland?

Yes, the same-sex weddings are legal in Iceland since 2010 and Iceland is one of 10 most popular destinations in the world for same-sex weddings. You can see the example of the same-sex ceremony held on the Black Sand Beach in my portfolio.

Have any additional questions?

You can ask me on social accounts or fill the form below